Installations Management

What is an interactive installation?

An interactive installation is an artwork designed to actively engage the viewer by unfolding in physical space and interacting with its environment. It often responds to public action through mechanical, electronic, or digital devices, whether through movement, sound, light, or other technologies, creating a dynamic and memorable experience. This interaction may take place in a transit area or public space, and the installation may be temporary or permanent. It operates independently of other works.

How far in advance should an installation be booked?

Booking times vary depending on the availability of the installation and the complexity of your project. It is generally recommended to book at least six months in advance, but it is possible to book installations for shorter periods of time.  

Please contact us to discuss your project. 

How much does a rental cost?

The rental cost is determined by two factors: 

  • Fixed rental fee: determined by the type of installation and the rental duration. Prices are set weekly and adjusted according to the exact rental dates. 
  • Variable production costs: include all costs related to deploying the installation in your public space, such as production team fees, transportation (of the artwork and the team), assembly/disassembly fees, necessary production and/or logistics materials (rental or purchase), etc. 

Contact us to receive a quote!

Is there a minimum and/or maximum duration for renting an installation?

No, the rental duration is very flexible and can range from a few days to several months, depending on your budget.
The minimum
rental cost is for one week.

Is it possible to transport the installations overseas?

Yes, QDSinternational’s installations can be shipped worldwide. Additional shipping fees will apply. 

Is it possible to place modules from the same installation on multiple sites?

To respect the artistic integrity of the work and the creator’s vision, an installation cannot be divided and placed in different locations. However, we recognize that each public space is unique, and multiple configurations are possible for each installation to offer the best experience possible. 

Is it possible to present more than one installation at the same time?

Absolutely, provided that the logistical and budgetary resources are available to support the installation and management of multiple installations simultaneously. 

Logistics and Support

What documentation do I receive when renting the installation?

You will receive: 

  • A technical quote indicating the human and material resources required to host the installation. 
  • A promotional toolkit to guide you on the proper use of credits and information. 
Is it possible to have a turnkey service?

Our team of experts accompanies you with a flexible and turnkey rental, opening the doors to a luminous, engaging, and universal experience. This turnkey service includes delivery, assembly, maintenance, and disassembly of the installation, as well as a 24/7 availability. 

Do I need to provide equipment and/or handle the machinery?

This depends on the specific terms of the rental contract.
QDSinternational can
provide everything needed, but some distribution partners may choose to provide certain equipment and human resources themselves.

Do the installations require 24/7 monitoring by security personnel?

Most installations do not require continuous 24/7 monitoring by security personnel. However, the need for surveillance depends on the specific nature of the installation and its location. Installations of high value or those located in high-risk areas may require constant monitoring, either by on-site security personnel or an effective video surveillance system. 

Is maintenance required for the installations while they are on display?

Yes, regular maintenance, such as cleaning and functional supervision of the installations, is necessary to ensure proper operation and safety, especially for interactive or technological installations. All details will be provided in the technical quote. 

What happens if the installation breaks down while it is on display in my public space?

All details for quick interventions are mentioned in the technical quote. If the problem persists, our team of experts is available 24/7 to address any issues remotely.

If an installation breaks down during its presentation and remote support with local resources is not possible, QDSinternational will send a technician to repair it as quickly as possible. 

Are these installations visible during the day?

All installations are designed to offer a unique experience both day and night. 

Selection Process

How are the installations in the QDSinternational catalog selected?

Installations in the QDSinternational catalog are selected based on their artistic quality, originality, interactivity, and ability to engage the public. 

If I am a creator with a project for the public space, can I present it to you?

QDSinternational occasionally publishes calls for projects, but creators are also encouraged to submit their projects spontaneously. 

Community Engagement and Impact

How can I engage the local community with an installation from elsewhere?

Workshops, meetings with creators, and interactive events can be organized around the installation to maximize community engagement. 

What is the impact of presenting an interactive installation for my organization or exhibition site?

The impact of an installation presented in the public space can manifest in various ways, such as: 

  • Increased tourism: Artistic installations can attract visitors to the community, boosting the local economy. 
  • Improved brand image: An artistic installation can enhance the image of a city or neighborhood, making it more attractive to residents and businesses. 
  • Revitalization of public space: An artistic installation can help revitalize an underused or neglected public space. 
  • Social cohesion: An artistic installation can bring people together and create a sense of community. 
  • Learning and creativity: An artistic installation can stimulate learning and creativity, especially among children. 
  • Mental well-being: An artistic installation can improve people’s mental well-being by providing a space to relax and connect with art. 

In any case, the presentation of an installation transforms public spaces into family-friendly and playful destinations, where art animates the places to make them more welcoming and inclusive.