Echoes – a voice from uncharted waters

Mathias Gmachl

biodiversity; climate; poetry; light; interactive

A work who confronting us with the impact our actions have on the environment around us

Echoes – a voice from uncharted waters is an interactive sound-and-light work that invites us to look and listen closely. The installation – a massive, colourful representation of a whale – symbolizes our blue planet’s flora and fauna. It asks us to consider the impact of our everyday activities on nature and the environment, making us more aware of their fragility. Interacting respectfully with the marine mammal’s vital space takes us into an enigmatic melodic world. But when you get too close, a sound calls out to you. The installation is a meditation on our harmful invasions of Earth’s ecosystems.

Technical features

Dimensions: 56 ft. (17 m) length / 16 ft. (5 m) width / 13 ft. (4 m) height
Material: steel
Weight: 5 tonnes
Footprint: diameter of 72 ft. (22 m) (recommended)

Design and production

Mathias Gmachl

Special thanks

Jana Winderen, Roosa Tulvio, James Fox, Jon Wozencroft and James Solly


Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, MuseumsQuartier Wien (Vienna, Austria) and LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura (Lugano, Switzerland)

Executive Production, Touring

Jack World


“With Echoes – a voice from uncharted waters, I want to provide an open space – a platform – for the public to have conversations about the future of our planet. Not just about whales, but of all life that exists. The need to create room to learn, and dream, of a better future feels more pressing than ever. The installation is my small contribution towards a larger shift in the narratives and actions needed”

Mathias Gmachl Artist, designer and researcher
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Echoes – a voice from uncharted water, Lugano, Switzerland © LAC 2021 – Foto Studio Pagi

Echoes – a voice from uncharted water, Museums Quartier Wien, Vienna, Austria © Lorenz Seidler

Echoes – a voice from uncharted waters, Luminothérapie 2021-2022, Montreal, Canada © Madeleine Plamondon

Derrière le rideau – Echoes – a voice from uncharted waters


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