Lateral Office and CS Design

Playful; collective; luminous; auditory

An interactive work that will warm hearts of all ages

Impulse is an interactive sound and light experience. It comprises a group of oversized seesaws that glow and make sounds, varying in tone and intensity as you move them. This urban instrument lets you create a constantly refreshed ephemeral environment. Impulse explores the concepts of serialism, a technique based on the repetition of musical elements and their variations, creating zones of intensity and calm. Have fun!


Technical features

Quantity: 15 units
Total weight of one module: 485 pounds (221 kilos)
Installation footprint: 17,220 ft2 (1,575 m2)
Several configurations can be considered depending on the site and the desired experience, but we recommend a linear configuration.

Creation and production

Lateral Office and CS Design


EGP Group

Sound design

Mitchell Akiyama


Generique Design


Quartier des Spectacles Partnership

Executive Production, Touring

Jack World


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Impulse, 2019, Houston, U.S.A © Avenida Houston

Impulse, 2016, London, U.K. © James Munson

Impulse, 2017, Jerusalem, Israel © Aleksandar Stojanovski Culi

Impulse, 2021, Bentonville, USA © Scott Family Amuzeum

Impulse, 2021, Luminothérapie 12th edition, Montreal, Canada © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA Images

Luminothérapie 6th edition – Impulse : Making-of

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