Island Of Warmth


Collective ; Festive ; Musical ; Scintillating

An electrifying campfire that comes to life

This installation is an interactive, musical, visual and luminous experience – an urban bonfire comprising 220 light bulbs that flicker in response to spectators’ movements. Whether they sway or dance, festivalgoers stir the virtual embers and trigger flames that dance, spark and swirl, creating warmth, light and music. A shared experience conceived as a tribute to Montreal’s inclusive festive tradition.


Technical features

Composed of 150 steel rods equipped with a light fixture at their end (height varying from 6″ (0.15 m) to 9′ (2.8 m)

8″ (0.2 m) high wood floor installed around the central structure

Installation height: 9 ft (2.8 m)

Weight of the installation: 3,870 pounds (1,755 m)

Installation footprint: minimum 1,050 ft2 (100 m2)

Original idea, light conception and stage set

Félix Dagenais and Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun

Sound conception

Jean-Sébastien Côté

Interactive modules conception

Benjamin De Leener

Technical direction

Simon Cloutier (ATOMIC3)

Light and interactivity Projet manager

Jean-François Piché


Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE

Executive Production, Touring

Jack World


« The idea is to create a downtown space where people can gather around a high-tech bonfire. The “fire” is made of 220 incandescent bulbs that generate heat. Around it there are rocking chairs for sitting and enjoying the fire. A bonfire is a primal ritual for all Quebecers. Even though ours is modern and interactive, people will naturally gravitate to it. »

Félix Dagenais Co-founder of ATOMIC3 and designer of Island of warmth
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Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Montréal, Canada, 2016 © Frédérique Ménard-Aubin

Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Green Bay, USA, 2020 © Titletown

Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Gatineau, Canada, 2021 © Grands Feux du Casino Lac Leamy

Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Detroit, USA, 2017 © Courtesy of DDP

Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Norfolk, USA, 2019 © MacArthur Center

Îlot de chaleur, de ATOMIC3, Detroit, USA, 2017 © Serge Maheu

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