Luminous; Rainbow

Prismatica à Londres, R.-U.

A modern ice palace

This participatory installation comprises 50 pivoting prisms more than 2 metres tall. Each prism is made of panels covered by a dichronic membrane that reflects a rainbow of colours, which shift depending on the ambient lighting and the viewer’s perspective. The prisms are mounted on bases and fitted with projectors that give the installation a new dimension after nightfall. As the prisms rotate, chimes play music at different volumes.


Technical features

Quantity: 25

Weight of each unit (base and prism): 720 lb (328 kg)

Footprint: between 5,356 sq. ft. (497 m2) and 18,688 sq. ft. (1,736 m2)


RAW Design

Lighting design

ATOMIC3 + Jean-François Piché

Sound design

Dix au carré

Production and technical direction

ATOMIC3 + Louis Héon


Quartier des Spectacles Partnership

Executive Production, Touring

Jack World


Prismatica, 2019, Cleveland, U.S.A © Bob Perkoski

Prismatica, 2019, Bethlehem, Palestine © Juliana Wall

Prismatica à Grand Rapids, É.-U.

Prismatica, 2020, Downtown Grand Rapids, U.S.A © Erika Townsley

Awards & nominations

Concept Award 2015 – OAA Awards (Ontario Association of Architects)

Finalist- Honorable mention

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Prismatica à Londres, R.-U.