Technology; science; supernatural

The art of communicating with the imponderable

Splinter is an installation comprising five monoliths arranged in a circle. They appear to emerge from the depths of the Earth, and conceal mysterious entities who are awakened by your movements. The entities respond to you and communicate with each other in a majestic dance of geometric shapes, set to melodious music. Activate multiple monoliths at once and they’ll reveal even more secrets!

Technical features

Quantity : 5
Monolith size: 11 ft (3.4 m) high / 5 ft (1.5 m) wide
Footprint: Approximately 1,540 ft2 (143 m2)



Design and manufacturing

Jack World


Hugo Laliberté, Jonathan Jeanson and François Blouin

Creative Programming

Hugo Laliberté, Jonathan Jeanson and Samuel Tremblay

Interactive Sound Design

Hugo Laliberté and Jonathan Jeanson

Technical design for manufacturing:

Robin Gourcerol and Olivier Lebeau

Project Manager

Pierre-Luc Gauthier

Manufacturing workshop managers

Charles Lamarre and Alexandre Jacques


Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Light Night Leeds (UK), with UK funding support from Arts Council England and Leeds City Council (UK).

Executive Production, Touring

Jack World


“The idea is for people to enjoy the experience on a physical level. This imposing work is inspired by nature and its shapes and interdependencies. The installation listens and entices people to interact with it. Each reaction is triggered by an action. Nothing happens magically – there is always a reason. We want the public to be the catalyst for a series of connected events.”

Hugo Laliberté Designer of Splinter at Ottomata
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Splinter, Luminothérapie Coeur battant 2020-2021, Montreal, Canada © Vivien Gaumand

Splinter – Leeds, U.K. – 2021 © Lizzie Coombes

Promo vidéo Splinter

Making of Splinter

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