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March 8, 2024


POP! by Gentilhomme on tour in Texas with QDSinternational!

POPO, POPUP, POPLI, POPETTE, and POPOTIN are determined to wake up with spring!

Austin: Launch at Republic Square from March 8 to 22

Expected in Austin from March 8 to 22 at Republic Square, the interactive installation POP! will have the privilege of being embraced by a multitude of attendees participating in the Art and Park Tour cycling event organized by Downtown Austin Alliance. 

This interactive installation is a celebration of light, music, motion and popular culture. We hope that POP! will be a catalyst for energizing groups that inspires people to talk and collaborate. It’s a bit like a big party where people of all ages get together to sing, dance, laugh.” 

Dewitt Peart President and CEO of the Downtown Alliance

It’s an honour to have the chance to present POP! in Texas! The installation was first designed with the aim of creating collective moments of joy. Our hope for the continuation of its tour is to spark deep connections between passersby and the public spaces that surround them.” 

Thibaut Duverneix CEO of Gentilhomme
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Meet the creative team from the multimedia studio Gentilhomme, who will be presenting POP! alongside their project OPAL at the annual cultural event SXSW. 


Dallas: Total Eclipse and Party Time from March 30 to May 15

POP! will then make its way to Dallas for a sunny stay from March 30 to May 12, 2024. Specifically, on April 8, the city of Dallas will be the perfect spot to witness the total eclipse. The downtown area, in particular, will enjoy 3 minutes and 45 seconds of totality. It will be an opportunity to celebrate this rare phenomenon in a festive atmosphere with the five cheerful companions! 

POP! brings out the inner child in you!

Playful, luminous and musical, the interactive installation POP! is an ode to celebration that is brought to life by the participant. This work consists of 5 monoliths, each containing an inflatable creature with a unique character designed to beckon joy for both young and old alike. 

Josée and Soukeina’s texan adventure

During the period of March 7 to 12, our Director, Josée, and Development Manager, Soukeina, will be representing Quartier des Spectacles International on a professional visit to Texas. From Fort Worth to Houston, and through Dallas and Austin, our representatives are set for a journey abundant in meetings and shared experiences with our partners. 🤠

Josée and Soukeina will also join the Quebec’s creative industries delegation taking over the annual cultural event SXSW. At the same time, they will introduce the cheerful POP! installation by Gentilhomme, alongside the creative team, to our hosts and guests.

This mission, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communications, Investissement Québec International, the SODEC – Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) and Montréal, with support from Xn Québec, HUB Montréal, the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie, the Quebec Delegation in Houston, and La Piscine, promises unforgettable moments. 

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